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Dumpsters for Asphalt

Asphalt Dumpster Rentals in NJ

Are you working on an asphalt removal project where you need a dumpster rental for the asphalt? At Hometown Waste, we serve the residents of New Jersey with their asphalt dumpster rental needs and want to ensure your removal service is reliable and cost-effective. Asphalt is one of our most cost-effective dumpster rentals since we can recycle it, which reduces your project costs. With our experience handling asphalt dumpster rentals, we are equipped to handle any size asphalt removal job with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste solution.


10 Yard Asphalt Dumpsters:

10 Yard Asphalt Dumpsters:

  • Measures: 4’T x 8’W x 12’L
  • Capacity: 10 cubic yards
  • Best Use: Small-scale asphalt removal jobs, such as a one-car driveway.
  • Must be loaded at least 12″ from the top for safe transportation of the container
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20 Yard Asphalt Dumpsters:

20 Yard Asphalt Dumpsters:

  • Measures: 4’T x 8’W x 22’L
  • Capacity: 20 cubic yards
  • Best Use: Mid-size asphalt removal jobs such as a two-car driveway.
  • Must be loaded at least 12″ from the top for safe transportation of the container
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Calculating Asphalt Weight

Before scheduling one of our asphalt dumpsters, it’s important to calculate the amount of asphalt you plan on removing so you order the correct size. If you don’t know, our experts can assist you! At Hometown Waste, for asphalt disposal, we offer two sizes of dumpsters, 10 and 20 yards.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) provides guidance on asphalt weight calculations per cubic yard so you can easily determine what dumpster size you’ll require.  NAPA estimates asphalt density weight is 145 pounds per cubic foot and 3,915 pounds per cubic yard.

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Proper Way of Loading a Dumpster with Asphalt

Every dumpster has a door on the back of the dumpster. When loading the dumpster with asphalt, it must be loaded 12-18 inches from the top of the dumpster to assure we can safely transport it from the job site to the disposal facility. It is important to know that when renting a dumpster for Asphalt only the load must be clean – no garbage, no concrete, etc.

We do offer mixed-load dumpsters for asphalt and concrete that a specialist at Hometown Waste will be able to give you a transparent price on. If a dumpster is loaded with these items the load may not be deemed recyclable and could result in additional charges. If a customer is concerned with the area the dumpster is being placed on we suggest buying sheets of 4×8 plywood as a precaution (not a guarantee).

Asphalt Dumpster Availability at Hometown Waste

At Hometown Waste, we want to help make sure your removal project is easy with a clean and reliable asphalt dumpster rental. We offer 10 and 20-yard asphalt dumpster rentals and deliveries with a weight limit of up to 10 and up to 18 tons.

You’ll want to place your dumpster container on a solid surface — for example, along the street or placed on a driveway — and not on grass. Typically, our 10-yard dumpsters will fit nicely on a one-car driveway and 20-yard dumpsters sit comfortably on a two-car driveway space.

Call Us Today for Your Asphalt Dumpster Rental in New Jersey

If you’re located in New Jersey and need a reliable and timely asphalt dumpster rental, then trust the specialists at Hometown Waste & Recycling Services. We’re a family-owned company located in Old Bridge and offer full-service, roll-off dumpster rentals for commercial, industrial and residential projects throughout New Jersey.

We can bring you a dumpster rental in Middlesex County, New Brunswick Township, Monmouth County, Middletown Township, Ocean County, Essex County, Somerset County, Mercer County and Union County. We strive to always provide personal relationships with our customers so they experience stellar service. And as a special offer for new customers, we offer $25 off dumpster rentals.

To learn more about our asphalt dumpster offerings, call us today at 732-525-2555 or complete our online contact form.

We also offer concrete and asphalt mixed-load dumpsters as well. For upfront and transparent pricing, contact our specialists today.

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