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Frequently Asked Questions


Why use Hometown Waste (HWS)?

Hometown Waste Services is an NJ-DEP licensed and approved(#35925) company, whereas most brokers(third party) are not. Further solidifying the misrepresentation of doing business with such companies. Here at Hometown Waste we save you money, provide exceptional service and make the dumpster rental process as easy as possible. We are a direct source to your needs eliminating any and all third-party headaches.

What areas do we service?

We service but not limited to Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean, Union, Somerset, MercerEssex, Hudson and Hunterdon counties.

How do dumpster rentals work?

Things we need to know to generate a price for a dumpster rental:

  1. Where are you located?
  2. What size dumpster are you interested in?
  3. What kind of project are you about to start?

From here our on-site professional staff can

  1. Get a better understanding of your needs.
  2. Help guide you into the correct rental if any confusion exists.
  3. Provide you with an industry competitive rate.

What dumpster sizes can I rent?

We offer 4 different kinds of dumpster sizes:

10 yard dumpsters

20 yard dumpsters

30 yard dumpsters

40 yard dumpsters

What can and can’t I put in a dumpster?

For safety concerns flammable, toxic, or hazardous material such as asbestos is not allowed in the dumpster.  The dumpster is provided to dispose of your items we just ask that you keep your weight limit in mind to avoid any additional overweight costs.

How does payment work?

Dumpster rentals are to be paid one day prior to the delivery date in full. Upon completion of the rental “HWS” will authorize a security hold in the amount of $300.00. This authorization is a security to verify the credit card on file is still valid and can hold a charge in case the dumpster is overweight according to your rental agreement. You will be supplied with a copy of the dump ticket from a state-certified scale at the facility we dispose of your waste for transparency. If the dumpster is not overweight the authorization falls off automatically.

What type of payments do we accept?

We accept COD as well as all major credit cards. Sorry, we do not accept checks.

Do I need a permit for a dumpster?

As a general rule of thumb, a permit for a dumpster rental is required if the customer intends to put the dumpster in the street. If the customer places the dumpster within their property lines they will generally not need to obtain a permit. With that being said, each municipality has its own local laws that are to be followed. All permits are a requirement of the customer to check with their local municipality if a permit is or is not required for both – placing the dumpster in the street and or driveway. If a permit is necessary you can obtain one from your local building department. The cost of your permit and the length of time they allow for the rental varies on your municipality as well.

Can the dumpster be placed on wood?

Dealing directly with HWS instead of a third-party broker has its perks. Many customers are concerned with the dumpster harming their driveway. While there is no guarantee of what mother nature can do, we can put the dumpster on wood to assist in the prevention of sinkholes or scrapings to your driveway. Wood planks are only available by request.

Do I have to be there when my dumpster is delivered?

While it is recommended someone be there for placement, it is not a must. Customers being on-site for placement will prevent the dumpster from being placed in the wrong location. Please be sure to give specific instructions on dumpster placement. Customers who will not be on site for placement will be required to sign a customer authorization form giving us permission to charge your credit card and drop the dumpster. HWS will not be responsible for any dumpster placed in the wrong location under any circumstance if the customer is not on site.

Do I have to be there when the dumpster is picked up?

No. Please make sure the dumpster is properly loaded and access is available to the dumpster for pickup.

How long can you keep a rented dumpster?

We rent our dumpsters out to match the needs of your project. The average stay of a dumpster in a driveway is about three and a half days and our standard rental includes up to 7 days. If this doesn’t accommodate your needs and you have a longer project please call us at 732-525-2555 to discuss your unique needs with one of our customer service representatives so we can accommodate you as best as we can.

What is the proper way of loading a dumpster?

The dumpster should be loaded as even as possible. Be sure not to overload the dumpster or use debris to create walls for additional space on the dumpster. If the dumpster is overloaded you will be held responsible to off-load the dumpster and in some cases may deem it necessary to rent a second dumpster. There will be an additional trip charge in the amount of $150.00(price subject to change according to service area) if a second attempt is necessary to pick the dumpster up.

Please note that when loading with heavy materials like dirt, concrete or asphalt, you must keep the material at least 12″ below the top rail. If a container used for these applications is overweight, we cannot legally or safely transport the dumpster.

Can the dumpster be delivered same day?

If you call early enough many times HWS can be accommodating to your delivery needs including same-day service. However, dumpsters are available according to supply and demand. 1-2 days’ notice would be greatly appreciated.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster for a day?

From an operational perspective, we are still delivering the dumpster, removing the full dumpster and disposing of the debris, so the cost would still be the same. HWS handles this on a case-by-case basis.

Dumpster vs Dumpster Bag. Does the bag make sense?

The price of a dumpster can initially appear to be more than buying a dumpster bag. However, the dumpster bag is misconceiving and the consumer fails to realize that the few individual smaller costs of the dumpster bag tend to add up more than a dumpster.

Do you offer coupons for dumpster rentals?

Yes, please see our dumpster deals here.

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