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Dumpsters for Contractors

Construction Dumpsters and Containers for Every Contractor

Construction jobs of all sizes require a dependable waste management system that helps clear out trash and keep the job site organized. At Hometown Waste, we offer affordable and reliable construction dumpster rentals in New Jersey, complete with exceptional customer service.

We know every construction project is different, so we offer multiple dumpster sizes to ensure you always have access to the size your work demands. We are a professional, customer-focused company that helps enhance your project rather than making it more difficult.

Contractors working on a wide range of jobs count on Hometown Waste for construction dumpster rentals. We can assist with projects of all sizes, thanks to our selection of dumpster container sizes. Whether your crew is building new construction or tearing down old, we have a dumpster rental for job site waste to help keep the mess in check. When you need construction roll-off dumpsters in NJ, Hometown Waste has you covered.

Dumpsters For Contractors

dumpsters for contractors
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Dumpsters For Any Construction Job

Our dumpsters are suitable for various construction and home improvement specialties.

Commercial Construction

Roll-off dumpsters are invaluable for commercial contractors to achieve an organized and efficient construction project. Meet those tight deadlines with reliable and prompt dumpster rentals.

Residential Construction

New home builds or renovation projects can be stressful, but you can help put homeowners at ease with a roll-off dumpster that keeps the job site clutter-free. To protect your clients from driveway damage, we can place a wooden platform under the dumpster to keep it off the ground.

Industrial Construction

Industrial construction companies love our roll-off dumpsters for containing and disposing of large amounts of steel, concrete and other heavy debris.


Roofers installing a new roof on an existing home or building can easily toss old roofing materials into a roll-off dumpster on the ground below them. We take the time to place it in the optimal location to promote efficiency and safety.


Demo day generates a lot of debris, whether you’re breaking up concrete, leveling a building or tearing down an interior wall. A construction roll-off dumpster can handle it all. And once it’s full, we’ll haul it away for ultimate convenience.


A roll-off dumpster can streamline yard waste removal during landscaping projects, whether you’re working on a simple yard cleanup or a full-scale landscaping redesign. Our dumpster rentals are perfect for bushes, grass clippings, leaves, branches and other yard waste.

Are you removing stumps, large bushes and other heavy landscaping debris? The doors in our dumpsters provide an easy way for your team to walk them through.


If you’re restoring a property after a natural disaster, you need to clean up a large area. A dependable rental service that offers a wide array of dumpster sizes can help your restoration job run smoothly.

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What Can You Throw in Your Construction Dumpster Rental?

Rent one of our dumpsters for construction debris to dispose of waste such as:

  • Old or damaged drywall from installation, removal or repair projects
  • Dirt, leaves, panels or tiles from replacing or repairing a roof
  • Asphalt from the driveway or road removal
  • Weeds, shrubs, rocks and other elements removed during landscaping
  • Rocks and dirt from digging an in-ground pool
  • Damaged or old concrete removed for replacement or renovation
  • Walls, windows, floor panels and other materials from a demolished room, shed or building
  • Carpet, flooring, walls, molding and other structural materials from gutting a house
  • Pipes and hardware from plumbing jobs
  • Electrical components
  • Branches and leaves from tree and bush trimming
  • Removed heating equipment from an HVAC system replacement

Our team can deliver the perfectly sized dumpster container to your project site. We even provide dumpster delivery services on Saturdays to help you when you work overtime. Whatever job you have to complete, you can count on us to handle dumpster delivery and hauling.

Construction Dumpster Rental Cost

The cost of a construction dumpster rental varies depending on the size of the bin and the type of waste you use it for. Refer to the list below for rental prices for each dumpster size we offer.

Why Contractors Choose Hometown Waste

Why do construction professionals partner with Hometown Waste for dumpster container rentals? We offer these advantages and more.

  • Affordability: Our dumpster rentals have a competitive rate that helps you maximize your profits. Their affordable prices give you better flexibility when planning project expenses.
  • Responsiveness: When you rent one of our construction dumpsters, we strive to deliver it on time so you can do your job. We listen to every customer’s needs and go above and beyond to meet them.
  • Quality: We maintain our dumpsters and truck fleet to provide the best and most reliable service possible. Our top-quality rentals let you do your job more effectively.
  • Support: At Hometown Waste, live representatives are on call to assist you with your services. We can also directly communicate with you on the job site and provide extras such as wood planks.
  • Large service area: We service numerous cities throughout the state as a convenience to our customers. Our extensive service area means you won’t have to establish multiple relationships and navigate different price structures.

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Hassle-Free Construction Dumpster Rental With Hometown Waste

As a contractor, you work hard to deliver your clients’ desired results. At Hometown Waste & Recycling Services, Inc., you can count on us to do the same. We’re passionate about helping construction workers complete their projects efficiently and successfully.

Debris is an inevitable part of any construction project, but with Hometown Waste, disposing of it is hassle-free. Partner with us for construction site waste removal and experience unmatched, affordable, prompt and reliable service.

To experience the Hometown Waste difference for yourself, request a quote today or book a dumpster online. We look forward to helping streamline your worksite with our construction roll-off dumpsters!

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