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Get Rid of Waste in Time for Winter

Get Rid of Waste in Time for Winter

When winter arrives, you want your home or business to be ready to face any inclement weather the season can bring. Whatever you intend to remove, you should enlist a professional waste removal company for help with ways to get rid of waste quickly and safely. 

We’ll discuss the importance of removing waste before winter, the potential challenges you could expect and the convenience and efficiency of large-scale waste removal.

The Importance of Waste Disposal Before Winter

Winter presents numerous challenges. Shorter days make it challenging to find enough natural light to clean various parts of your property. The weather may not cooperate, preventing you from completing projects on your to-do list. Heavy snow and rainfall slow the process of transporting trash from your property to the landfill. 

Different landfill types dispose of various materials, ranging from solid to hazardous waste. Accumulating waste in one location for extended periods can pose health and environmental risks, especially if it is potentially dangerous. Safely removing waste of any nature reduces these risks and contributes to a cleaner environment. 

Potential Winter Waste Removal Challenges and Considerations

Aside from inclement weather, other potential issues may arise. To avoid fines, comply with all local regulations, permits, fees and restrictions about waste removal. Some municipalities have strict requirements and may implement specific seasonal prerequisites, so confirm these beforehand. 

Potential Winter Waste Removal Challenges and Considerations

If you plan to remove waste in the fall, the weather shouldn’t be as severe, making chores more comfortable and accessible. Address regulations with your local government to be sure, especially if you plan to remove hazardous material.

Categorizing Waste Material 

Homes and businesses have different types of waste items, but they generally fall under similar categories. 

  • Organic waste includes food and garden scraps and other natural materials that produce methane when they break down over time. It requires correct disposal to avoid contamination. 
  • Liquid waste consists of organic fluids, waste detergents, dirty water and rainwater.
  • Hazardous waste includes flammable, reactive, poisonous and abrasive waste that harms animals and the environment and requires special handling and disposal.
  • Recyclables include paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, furniture, metal and other organic matter. Ideally, you should take these to a local facility to process them instead of dumping them at a landfill. 

Knowing which items to categorize helps sort them into the appropriate containers for proper disposal. Take various waste materials to relevant landfills or recycling facilities accordingly.

The Environmental Impact of Improper Waste Disposal

Improperly disposed waste adversely affects the environment. Most materials take a long time to break down and emit harmful toxins along the way, polluting the surrounding air and water and contributing to climate change. 

Any waste outside landfills usually ends up polluting rivers, lakes and oceans. Contamination spreads quickly from toxic waste released into the water, killing fish and other marine animals. 

Disposing of waste in landfills and recycling facilities ensures workers handle and discard it correctly, reducing the risk of pollution and climate change. 

The Environmental Impact of Improper Waste Disposal

Dumpster Rentals — Convenient and Efficient Large-Scale Waste Removal 

Dumpster rentals in winter are beneficial for numerous reasons. Depending on your removal project, you’ll select one that’s suitable to carry the load. Consider the following materials and sizes for your needs.

Ideal Dumpster Placement 

Rental dumpster placement is crucial to ensure it is safe and remains functional. The distance to and from the removal site should be short to avoid carrying heavy or excessive loads. Clear the area where you expect to store it and keep it covered and protected from the elements. If you have space, place it underneath a shelter, close to your home or business for easy access.

Donate Usable Items

Before you get rid of waste, clear out your garage or space to see if you can salvage things like old clothes and furniture for donation. Decluttering could take time, so start working on this project several days before the removal day. Choose a time when the weather is favorable and you can assess the items for damage before giving them away. 

Once you’re confident about what you want to get rid of, break down larger items to compact them. Maximizing the space can fit more waste per load so you spend less on multiple trips.

Consider Personal Safety

Safety is vital during the removal process. Wear appropriate protective clothing like goggles and gloves when dealing with waste and avoid handling hazardous materials to prevent injury. For added security, hire a professional waste removal service with qualifications to deal with all waste materials. 

Further safety precautions include using proper lifting techniques to avoid injury when removing waste, dirt and debris. Homeowners may benefit from hiring a licensed moving company, while business owners can use hoists and other equipment for large removal projects. Use proper lighting in darker areas and clear a pathway to and from the dumpster to avert trip-and-fall accidents.

Recycle Rather Than Landfill

Depending on the waste material, recycling some items is better than disposing of them in the landfill. Trash takes longer to break down in a landfill, consistently polluting our environment. In contrast, recycling is faster and the impact is widespread and positive. Separate items to take to a recycling facility and send the rest to the landfill. 

Contact Hometown Waste & Recycling Services for Dumpster Rental Services

Contact Hometown Waste & Recycling Services for Dumpster Rental Services

These waste removal tips for winter provide insight into the benefits of being proactive about cleaning your property before the first snowflake falls. You must dispose of waste thoroughly — renting a dumpster makes the process easier. 

Hometown Waste & Recycling Services is the solution for all your residential and commercial dumpster needs. We provide comprehensive and reliable services in nine New Jersey counties, ensuring a wider reach. Call us to discuss your requirements or request a call-back by completing an online form. 

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