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Your Mini Dumpster Rental Guide

Your Mini Dumpster Rental Guide

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Mini Dumpster Rental Guide

When you think of a dumpster, you probably think of something very large, heavy and expensive. But we’re here to tell you that renting a dumpster is actually a very cost-effective, easy option for homeowners and renters! No matter the project — whether you’re moving out, completing renovations or doing yard work — Hometown Waste & Recycling  Services Inc. has a mini dumpster rental option for you.

With our delivery services, you don’t need to worry about transportation. Learn about how to rent a mini dumpster and what we offer in this mini dumpster renting guide.

Choosing the Right Mini Dumpster Size

Before you get ready to order your mini dumpster rental, you should first decide which size is right for your project. We offer a lot of options, so it’s important to learn which is best for your situation and choose the right match for your needs:

  • 10-yard dumpster: If you want a true mini dumpster, you’ll want to choose the 10-yard mini dumpster rental option. This dumpster is perfect for smaller projects like yard cleanup, decluttering or one-room renovations. This container is about the size of a four-door sedan and can accommodate many small objects. It will fit easily in a driveway or yard, unlike many traditional dumpsters.
  • 20-yard dumpster: If your project involves larger electronics or any kind of furniture disposal, the 20-yard dumpster is the best size. Twice the size of the 10-yard mini dumpster, the 20-yard container is the ideal choice for mid-size home projects and renovations and anything that requires discarding furniture or large appliances.
  • 30-yard dumpster: If you’re doing significant yard work or big home improvements or renovations, choose the 30-yard dumpster. This dumpster rental is the largest that still includes easy-to-use six-foot walls for effortless disposal. The 30-yard model is designed to accommodate large furniture items such as dressers, bed frames and couches so you can discard these objects with ease — and without a truck.
  • 40-yard dumpster: We wouldn’t call this one a mini dumpster rental — but it’s a great option for big projects. Best for construction and demolition projects, the 40-yard dumpster has 8-foot walls and holds the largest and heaviest items with ease. For large home renovation or commercial projects, choose the 40-yard dumpster.

Types of Mini Dumpsters and Usage

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Believe it or not, there are more than a few mini dumpster rental options. When you think of a dumpster, you probably think of a traditional metal container dumpster. However, there are a few other types of mini dumpsters to choose from:

  • Mini roll-off dumpster: This small dumpster features an open-top that slopes down for easier disposal, similar to a traditional mini dumpster. This option also may fit more easily in smaller spaces than other dumpster options.
  • Bag dumpster: You may be thinking, “Isn’t that just a trash bag?” No. A bag dumpster is so much more than a trash bag. These bags can hold up to 3 cubic yards of material! If you’re completing a small renovation or decluttering project that doesn’t warrant a 10-yard dumpster but would be a pain to use dozens of traditional garbage bags, bag dumpsters may be the perfect option for you. While they won’t hold more than one cubic yard of debris, bag dumpsters are great for bulk disposal of lighter materials. Plus, they are made of disposable material, so you can feel good about saving lots of plastic from going into landfills.

How to Rent a Mini Dumpster

If you’re ready to rent a mini dumpster for your next project, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s our step-by-step mini dumpster rental guide to reference and follow for your next project and learn how to rent a mini dumpster:

  1. Plan ahead: Take time to think about the type of project you’re completing, what items you’ll be getting rid of and the volume of how much you’ll be discarding. This will help you decide which size of dumpster you’ll need. Next, think about the start date and length of the project. What day are you planning on starting? What time? Will you need the dumpster rental for two days or two weeks? You will be glad you thought all of this out before it comes time to schedule the rental. By thinking about this, you may even decide that you won’t need a dumpster at all.
  2. Choose your dumpster rental company: Once you have your schedule and dumpster size mapped out, research various companies to choose from. Check that their price range is reasonable and that they have the dumpster size you need available during the entire time frame for your project. Also, make sure that the company offers delivery and pickup. Unless you own a big truck, you’ll need pickup and delivery done for you. If you decide on Hometown Waste & Recycling Services Inc., you know you’re choosing the right option. If not, well, we’ll be here for your next project. Give us a call or contact us online at any time to get your mini dumpster rental ready.
  3. Prepare for delivery: Once you’ve placed your order, put it on your calendar. The day before your dumpster rental arrives, be sure to get your driveway ready. Remove any objects in the way and park your vehicles on the street or in the garage. In addition, arrange any items ready for disposal somewhere that is easily accessible.
  4. Start dumping: When your dumpster arrives, get to work! Your dumpster company will come back on your pre-arranged pickup date to collect the dumpster and anything in it.

Contact Hometown Waste & Recycling Services Inc.

For your next home renovation or other residential projects, get a mini dumpster rental! Rather than stressing over having to manage hundreds of bags of garbage, save time and money by getting a small dumpster. Whether you’re doing minor landscaping or a major construction project, Hometown Waste & Recycling Services is ready to serve you. Contact us today to learn more and to order your mini dumpster rental.

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